Protect Your Foot from Infections with These Simple Tips

You can prevent foot infections by caring for your feet properly. Ensure that your feet are well moisturized and that your shoes fit properly. Don’t wear high heels or flip-flops! If you suffer from foot infections, you should seek medical attention and treatment from the foot care clinic in Oshawa. The following are some tips to protect your foot:


Adding moisture to your foot can help prevent cracked heels and ingrown toenails. While applying moisturizer to your foot after every shower is a great way to prevent dry skin, it should never be placed between your toes. While foot soaks are relaxing, they can also break down the skin and increase the risk of fungal infections. To avoid these problems, moisturizing your foot at least twice a day is the best way to prevent them. You should also trim your toenails regularly, using an emery board to smooth any jagged edges.

Properly fitting shoes:

You can prevent foot problems by buying correctly fitted shoes. Buying the wrong size or shape of shoes can lead to numerous problems, including infections. When shopping for shoes, measure your feet before you purchase them. If one foot is swollen or wider, buy a larger size. Ask your doctor for advice and consider adding shock-absorbing insoles. Here are some tips on buying the right shoes. Make sure you wear socks, too.

Avoiding flip-flops:

One common cause of foot infections is flip-flopped. The flat surface of the shoes causes them to become very prone to cuts and bruises, and they can aggravate existing conditions like bunions. Furthermore, flip-flops do not provide adequate support for your foot, leading to sprains and injuries. The poor support of flip-flops can lead to painful heel pain and a weakened arch.

Stretching daily:

If you are prone to infection, stretch your feet every day. You can stretch your Achilles tendon by standing in front of a wall. Keep both feet flat against the floor and move one leg to the wall, extending it. When you feel a stretching sensation in the back of your leg, stop. Repeat the stretch for five minutes. Try doing this stretch three times a day. If you have severe foot pain, contact a podiatrist to get an accurate diagnosis.